Dr. Manchikanti Niranjan

- Chairman

Conquer the unconquerable and attain the impossible is the fiery motto of the chairman of Vasundara group of colleges Dr. Manchikanti Niranjan, M.Sc, Ph.D in Mathematics from Osmania University. A young academician with the ideal of providing competitive education within the common man’s reach took over the trailing Vasundara Women’s Colleges in 1997, as one of its Directors, Meticulous, dedicated and success oriented efforts paved way for not only its success but also led to the foundation of Vasundara Co-Ed colleges at Moula-ali in 2009 and another branch of Co-Ed colleges at Vidyanagar in 2011.


- Correspondent

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Academic Director

- Academic Director

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Message from Chairman's Desk

Welcome! Vasundara is committed to high standards of academic excellence. We here, constantly strive to enable students to traverse through learning, achieve success and go beyond their success to become lifelong learners importance of education in the life of an individual cannot be overstated. It not only shapes the individuals but also imbues them with values that govern all their choices in life.

    Vasundara believes in
  1. Moulding human characters leading to quantum changes in the quality of thinking of vibrant student world;
  2. ‘To handle with care’ the behavioral and attitudinal conspectus of future generation and apprising them of the future facts and fallacies of life – individual and societal; and
  3. Herald a new era in the ‘Standard Academics’ of piety and popularity. There has been memorable significant Landmark in the journey of Vasundara Group of Colleges. It is ranked as one of the best Degree & P.G. Colleges in Hyderabad by Osmania University. This Achievement is not a result of one year Performance but I view this as a testimony to the institution’s inherent strength accumulated over a period of time. To this, each member of Vasundara Community has immensely contributed and they all deserve to be congratulated. Vasundara Colleges- as an exceptional Institution of Learning brings a lot of responsibility on us & inspire us to maintain the standards. Our Pedagogy is mindful of the fact that the modernization need not be Contradictory to Our tradition & Culture. The meticulous & articulated effort of Our highly dedicated & committed faculty and equal contribution of Non-Teaching faculty- Back bone of College is highly commendable at all levels

If you plan a year sow rice, plan a decade plant trees, plan a life-time give education.

Message from Correspondent's Desk

Success comes through hard work alone. The efforts and achievements of our students in Academics, Games and Sports, NCC, Music and Dance, inter college competitions and other allied activities bear testimony to this. One of the most striking facet of Vasundara is a reflection showcasing the diversity of minds, thoughts, arts, skills etc of the students of Vasundara. Education and culture play an integral role in shaping the student as a fruitful, self-reliant, morally upright and socially responsible citizen.

Message from Academic Director's Desk

Today when the contemporary world is witnessing the most distressing, painful and atrocious happenings everyone of us individually and collectively have to play a responsible part in shaping the destinies of the young generation, who can uphold and display human dignity. In that direction Vasundara group is determined to nourish, nurse and nurture each student appropriately in a proper environment that is conducive for harnessing the full potential that lies buried in every heart.

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