Vasundara Women’s College, ECIL 'x' Roads

“Educate a woman, the Family and ultimately the whole society” gets transformed with this vision Women’s college at ECIL was started in 1997. “Empowering and Enlightening Women’s Education” phrase keeps boosting up the courage of the girls in all the spheres of activities and challenges.

Vasundara Co-Ed Colleges, Moula-ali

The Success Mantra of the Co-Ed colleges is “Dedication and Destiny of Education”, within three years of its establishment, Vasundara Co-Ed has resonating success in terms of strength and popularity.

Vasundara Co-Ed Colleges, Vidyanagar

By 2011, Vasundara Group grew not only in its strength but also in its number. One more Feather is added to the cap after taking over RRD Colleges in 2011 and launching Vasundara Co-Ed Colleges, Vidyanagar. The Co-Ed branch at Vidyanagar also becomes the address for “Dedication and Destiny of education”.

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Vasundara Colleges
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