Vasundara’s mission is to create a focused ambition among its students. A sustained commitment helps the students to discover a new route to an exciting academic career.

  1. To create a societal up gradation phenomenon in the field of liberal education & leadership.
  2. To nurture human values & ethics importing high ends education to younger generations ensuring their impressive future.
  3. To educate women to be intellectually competent, morally stable, committed socially & holistically inspired to contribute positively to family, society & country.
  4. To ensure the overall development of students belonging to weaker sections of society.

The Crest

In the Logo there are two important aspects. In one, there is a bright sun with its beam of golden rays spreading far and above, symbolizing that with the break of everyday the ignorance of our mind be dispelled by the rays of knowledge and education. In the other aspect the Outline map of our India has been represented by the noble thought that both the boys and girls are equal as recipients of education, on either side of an open book. There is a ladder on the book which leads to glory. Education is the stepping stone to success personified by the ladder a top which there is an Indian Flag.
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Vasundara Colleges
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