Vasundara students ECO club was started in 2009 with the aim of bringing awareness among students on contemporary issues. The issues involve social issues, environmental issues, educational issues etc. The club aims to bridge the gap between seniors and juniors who are brought on to a common platform to discuss and envisage the plan. Each of our Campuses has a student council that co-ordintes with the management and the related faculty members in building up activities. Our student leaders organize all aspects of college life from ceremonies to cultural events. Some examples of student council activities include investiture ceremony, celebration of Vinayaka Chavithi, Diwali, Id, Christmas etc., organizing campaigns, Freshers & Farewell party days, Annual Day celebrations etc.

20 years of Academic Excellence.

No Smoking Rally

No smoking rally was organised by the students from Moulali to ECIL cross roads to educate people on the harmful effects of smoking. Around 400 students participated in the rally.

Lokpall Bill

Supporting Anna Hazare's Hunger strike for

bringing in the Lokpal Bill, our Vasundara students took a huge rally shouting slogans in Support of Anna Hazare from Moulali to ECIL.

Science Exhibition

Our Vasundara students organised a science exhibition in Moulali College Campus on Environmental topics such as the use of paper bags instead of plastic, making use of solar energy, etc.

Voter ID registration camp/rally

Students of Vasundara conducted a rally on the importance of Voting and also organised a Voter ID registration camp in the Moulali campus, where 275 people took their registration.

Rally against Rape (Nirbhaya Cause)

Students of Vasundara took out a protest rally showing anger angainst the Rapists in the unfortunate Nirbhaya incident. Women's college ang COED college students participated in the rally.

Arise, Awake and stop not till the goal is reached

- Swami Vivekananda
These golden words motivate Vasundara to dream, to dare and to deliver. Vasundara believes in the dynamic approach of learning, Knowledge and performance, which would lead to the path of glory and success and is focused on helping one achieve one’s goals, no matter in which school the student begins their educational journey. Path to success at Vasundara involves a holistic one where both the academics and non academics contribute to our students performance, excellence and well being.
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