About us

A College is an institution which offers value based education to all the students irrespective of their strata in the society. Upliftment of society is possible by imparting knowledge based education which emphasizes on life skills. To spread the power of knowledge to generations through cutting edge initiatives and academic practices that focus overall development of students. This is what VASUNDARA group dares to dream of and promises to deliver.


Our Vision is to keep on raring and Escalating the quality of Education Sculpting the Generations of Tomorrow rich
in Morals reaching Standards and attaining excellence in all spheres of academic and social engagement.


As the students march along the journey of life we appraise them of the possibilities that the future holds. We aim to inspire them to achieve higher and imbibe in them the skill to capture their dreams. VASUNDARA has brought about innovations that strengthen learning. We have striven to stand apart and be counted among the trend setters in the field of education. Here at VASUNDARA, no stone is left unturned in ensuring that quality is imparted with passion.