Vasundara Colleges, Hyderabad has adequate infrastructure like library, etc which helps the students to have a hassle-free learning experience throughout their college life. It also provides facilities to the students like sports, cafeteria, etc. in order to give them a break from the regular academic schedule they follow. Students can avail these facilities in their free time for their recreation.

Technology Enabled Classrooms

The class rooms are beyond four wall learning. We practice student centred learning, inculcate the values and imbibe the morals with our Tech-friendly and
E- Smart designed classrooms matching the Generation Technology.

Communication Labs

We firmly believe everyone has a reason to say something and every voice has a meaning to convey. Being so our communication labs stand high and exquisite the purpose.

Seminar Hall

We are spacious enough with a captivating ambience for all the events to take place leaving memories with our Seminar Halls which really make a mark.


Auditorium is our piece of elegance to enhance the quality of education on a large scale for all the eves like seminars, conferences and for exhibiting all the desired programs.


Our Library consists of knowledge resources, a collection of books for commerce, management and allied subjects which fill an essential role for students, faculty in their intellectual pursuits. We provide the right ambience to students to spend time reading and satiate their thirst for knowledge.

Fully Equipped Science Labs

It turns to be an Epic when a thought meets a process which inturn becomes an Innovation. This is what fairly our Science labs are meant for as we are uncompromisingly equipped with all facilities.

Computer Labs

The Computer Labs are designed to fill in the gaps in the digital learning where the young minds are accessed with information and excited in swotting the world assiduously.


Our grounds are spaces for Sports and Games and pace of Fun and Joy. We are expanse of all celebrations and creators of Champions with a laud of entertainment.


Our Canteen Caters all the demands of the belly with a delicacy. It’s the Franchise of the Foodies chewing the experiences, showing the love of sharing and cherishing the delicious memories.